The live visual performance looks into the manifestations of aquatic, plant and other-than-human consciousness through the imaginative prism in the attempt to reveal the tangled symbioses between the different forms of life. Grounded in the concerns about changing ecology and destructive geoengineering, this project speculates about the alternative possibilities seeing the world around and relating to other species. Mythical, enigmatic and occasionally monstrous creatures in flux, burst through the pulsating spectrums of colours and descend into darkness, leaving the ghostly traces. Subterranean and geological formations are shown from the unconventional standpoints, carrying the viewer into the shadowy, fuzzy, ever-evolving terrains. Inspired by the puzzles of metamorphosing life, the real-time performance intends to cultivate the awareness of the detrimental impact and to deconstruct the human-centric perspectives. 


17 May / EartH, London, UK

05 April / Palacio de la Prensa, Madrid, Spain

30 March / The Art School, Glasgow, UK

23 March / Gorilla, Manchester, UK

22 March / St Luke’s Church, Brighton, UK

16 March / St. Paul's Church, Birmingham, UK

14 March / Thekla, Bristol, UK