‘The Interstice’ is an audio-visual contemplation on the themes of escape, language, the altered, non-linear, time, dispersed perception, and the moments remembered, recorded and then recollected. Illustrated by the footage from Japan, yet the country remains an ephemeral allegory, the patchwork of the fragments in flux. This film, loosely inspired by Roland Barthes’ ‘Empire of Signs’, traces the sub-layer of consciousness, temporality and emotion. The text, being the essential constituent, hints at the narrative on its own, whereas the image and sound, occasionally peripheral, disjointed by intention, are creating the aura.


Running time: 22 min 42 sec
Format: single-channel HD video with sound
Narrator’s voice: Lesya Myata
Sound edit: Zakhar Semirkhanov
Idea, image, sound & text: Nat Urazmetova

The Interstice Still 12.jpg