the threshold of desire, 
I see the abyss reflected in your umber eyes
as if for the first time…

a gesture overflown with grace, 
into impermanence
it drifts away 

the shell cracks open the brilliant moon
nothing but passing trains
perhaps it slips around the corner
devoid of volume and shape

the skyscrapers mirroring the heat, so ardently
it touches the skin, in that vast light -
becoming the shadow of the self, anew again

quietness aloud, a mute rupture, 
refracted in the polished steel
at the gateway to a blind street
to be torn aside by a puzzle of sensation  

as the twilight skies casting its electric blue
faint traces escorting into dizziness 

flickering rainbows on the eyelashes, 
misaligned international zones - 
there is another dimension of tenderness
securing the distances, or, surrendering to

faraway and so close, transient and eternal, 
the sunset gives a long kiss
the diamonds of tears in the whirling sea
a humble outline of the emotion yet to fade 

electromagnetic noise shatters the haze,
caught by the suspended traffic lights
the glances ricochet in the car’s back seat
the script of a movie to never be filmed 

perceived through flesh, an imprint of a cloud,
capricious and alien, the settlements of peace
forever expectation, it stays afloat

vagabonds speed arrows leaps swords
rapture highways distortions voids flowers
flames records frost wires currents
thunder foxes red balloons air signals

the sound of my footsteps on the gravel
echoing and multiplying someone’s heartbeat, 
is it fragility behind the solidness of concrete,  
the vapour of the unspoken dreams 

the silhouettes of the forbidden emotions,
all the strangers I wish I could have talked to,
insomniac ramblings, measured by the shutter clicks,
and the infinite wonder beyond one’s grasp…